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ENRYCH Oxfordshire, Banbury

ENRYCH Oxfordshire works with adults who have physical disabilities, in order to reduce the social isolation and low self-esteem which their disability causes them to experience. We do this by enabling and assisting them to access leisure and learning activities and opportunities. These are often hobbies and interest such as reading, playing games, crafts, cooking, or leaning new skills such as using a computer things that most people might take for granted, but which can change the life of a physically disabled person.

Often we provide these services through a team of volunteers who give up their time and energy to help the disabled person to access and enjoy these activities. These relationships can very often grow to become long-term, and that can be what provides the disable person with the one thing they need to overcome many of their difficulties.

We are always looking for ideas for funding events and are always in need of volunteers. Do you have 1 or 2 hours a week free to spend with an adult with a physical disability and help them make their dream come true?

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